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Welcome Educators!

We are POLARN O. PYRET, a kids’ brand that is a household name in Sweden for over 40 years and active in the U.S. market supporting outdoor schools & programs since 2009.  This is our 4th year sponsoring the conference!

Outdoor education is just a way of life in Scandinavia and we have all the gear teachers and parents need to keep children happy, warm and dry while learning and exploring outside.  We’ve got a lot of outerwear options, so don’t hesitate to reach out for advice.  Our dedicated Outdoor School Coordinator, Jennifer, can help!  Below is a little overview of what we offer for outdoor school communities .  Remember to sign up for the Outdoor School Savings program & tell your parents too!

Outdoor School Savings Program!

︎♡ No exclusions, year-round savings program for Outdoor Schools & Families. Sign up here and save 20% on outerwear from wool socks and layers to Rain and waterproof snow gear!

♡ Need a Customized Gear List for your particular school curriculum and climate?  Email our dedicated outdoor school coordinator Jennifer here: [email protected]

♡ Want a quick tutorial on gear-must-haves for a successful school experience? Watch our video here!

♡ Want to see our gear in action?  Watch these fun videos!

♡ Check out some of our products! 

Merino Wool Flyers

Merino Wool Flyers





















Wool FlyersWool Flyers





















Rain Gear

Rain Gear