Featured Speakers

Each day of the conference, featured speakers will be demonstrating, through their personal narratives, research, and collective experiences, how nature helps young children, and all of us, thrive

We’ll kick off the live event on Tuesday July 27th with a panel of outdoor adventurers and advocates who are changing the face of outdoor recreation, and whose outdoor experiences--both epic and everyday--remind us how important nature is to everyone, all of the time. On Wednesday July 28th, you’ll hear from a panel of experts about the impact of nature and nature-based education on children’s health and wellbeing, how to make the case for outdoor learning, and why outdoor play is becoming increasingly important. Next, on Thursday July 29th, author Ambreen Tariq will read her newly released children’s book, Fatima’s Great Outdoors, and discuss the storytelling platform she founded, @BrownPeopleCamping, and its impact. And we'll close the conference on Friday July 30th with Rose Brusaferro, who will be telling the inspirational story of BLISS Meadows, a community garden project that is transforming a neighborhood in Baltimore, connecting people of all ages with their nearby nature. 

We can’t wait for you to hear their stories!