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sawyer logoSince 1984, we’ve created the standard for outdoor protection and enjoyment, From the Backcountry to the Backyard™. Sawyer leads in education and prevention of insect-borne diseases through our fleet of insect repellents. Stay tick, bug, and worry-free with our line of premium insect repellents, which includes solutions for the whole family. Picaridin is approved for both infants and use during pregnancy. Learn more here.

Did you know you’re 73.6 TIMES less likely to be bitten by a tick if you’re wearing Permethrin-treated shoes and socks? Our Permethrin Gear + Fabric Treatment is effective for 6 weeks or 6 washes. Treat your rain gear, clothes, backpack, patio furniture, hammocks, blankets, and even the family dog.
Need a drink? Our lightweight, versatile water filters safe drinking water to both hikers on the trail and millions of people around the world lacking access to clean water. It is never too soon to learn about how to protect yourself from insect bites, non-potable water, and the sun. Learn more and explore all of our products at

Bulk Purchasing

We know the positive impact the outdoors has on people and we like to encourage kids of all ages to get outside which is why we would like to offer an Environmental Education Program for bulk purchases for the nature schools.
For questions or details on the Environmental Education Program, please send an email to [email protected] to get you started!

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