Spotlight on 2021 Sessions

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One of the biggest benefits of a virtual conference is the ability to return to sessions time and again, wherever and whenever you want. Using feedback from conference attendees, we pulled together a list of conference highlights in some of our most popular topics including equity and inclusion, practical applications for educators, literacy, and a handful of unique sessions in a category of their own. 

These sessions have passed the test of nature-based early childhood professionals from around the world, so dive in and take advantage of this high-quality professional development, available at the click of a button, until July 1, 2022. 

Want to watch live? Don’t miss five days of bonus live sessions starting Monday, January 24! See the winter event schedule at a glance here

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How We Can Use Nature to Promote Gender Expression and Equity in Our Classrooms

Presenter: Samuel Broaden 

The Five Habits of Speaking Justice

Presenters: Miriame Cherbib, Sarah Salazar-Tipton 

'Fatima's Great Outdoors': A Chat with the Author and Advocating for an Outdoors for All

Presenter: Ambreen Tariq 

From Blight to BLISS: Curating Community-Managed Greenspace in Northeast Baltimore City

Presenter: Dr. Rose V. Brusaferro

Natural Adventures: Pathways to Transformational Experiences in the Great Outdoors for Everyone

Presenters: Rahawa Haile, Brittany Leavitt, James Edward Mills 

A Walk in Our Kids’ Shoes and Down Their Streets: Celebrating Nature Play in Urban Neighborhoods

Presenters: Amy Greene, Ajee Witherspoon

Nature Play in Every Neighborhood: The Leave No Child Inside Ambassador Project

Presenters: Rachel Konerman, Yuchang (Claire) Yuan, Dr. Victoria Carr, Dr. Vikas Mehta, Leslie Kochanowski, Erin Weirich

Increasing Access to Nature-Based Preschools by Rethinking Access to Programs and What Counts as Nature

Presenters: Julia L. Ginsburg, Shannon Audley

Centering Diverse Narratives: Creating Culturally Relevant Nature-Based Programs

Presenter: Ashley Brailsford

The Value of Community: Finding Resources to Create and Sustain an Inclusive Preschool

Presenters: Alyson Quinn, Liza Soto, Janet Lopez

Promoting Nature-Based Learning Through Lenses of Equity and Collaboration

Presenters: Siriana Abboud, Meika Nwaomah


Nature-Based Special Education: Supporting Children with Disabilities and Behavioral, Social, and Sensory Challenges

Presenters: Lis Duckworth, Nicole Gordon

Nature Play for Children's Seven Senses: Natural Play and Learning Spaces for All Children

Presenter: Jena Jauchius, PLA. CPSI 

Creating Inclusive Nature-Based Early Education Curriculum

Presenters: Susie Riddick, Courtney Kiser

Including Children with Special Needs and Behavioral Challenges in Nature-based Programs

Presenter: Patricia Dallas

Inclusive Early Childhood Nature-Based Education: Welcoming All Students to the Wilds

Presenters: Rachel Tenney, Amanda Schuster

Navigating the Different Possibilities Walking into Your Program

Presenters: Meredith Florkey, Johnna Lyman

Practical Applications 

Thriving With Math, Loose Parts, and Nature

Presenter: Carla Gull  

Circle of Seasons

Presenters: Lee & Jason Hamzy

Slow Birding: Reimagining Our Connection with Bird

Presenter: Bridget Butler

Composting in the Outdoor Classroom: Tools to Tackle Climate Change at a Micro Level

Presenter: Kristy Roser Nuttall

Tinker Tables, Mud Kitchens, Tools, and More

Presenters: Megan Gessler, Sarah Sheldon

Songs and Games to Play in the Grass

Presenter: Eliza Minnucci

Reduce, Reuse, Recreate: Utilizing Recycled or Natural Loose Materials as a Learning Tool Through Process Art

Presenter:  Lindsey Kleinberg

Around the Fire

Presenters: Britney Stark, Melissa Tobias, April Greibrok

Tantrums on the Trail

Presenter: Jenn Leibham


Using Books, Language, and Literacy to Promote Engagement with Nature

Presenter: Ranita Anderson

Read Write Roam: Language and Literacy for Natural Learners

Presenter: Professor Kathleen Vokoun

Building a Meaningful Classroom Library

Presenter: Emma Donnelly

One-of-a-kind Sessions

"Do You Want to be the Bad Guy?": Creating Peer Cultures through Play

Presenter: Ron Grady

Building a Regional Toolkit

Presenters: Laura Whittaker, Anna Dutke, Sheila Williams Ridge, Heidi Faris

Critical Anthropomorphism for Everyone: Imagination and Empathy as Organizing Principles for Teaching Early Childhood Life Science

Presenter: Teresa Weed

Nature-Based Early Childhood Administration Panel

Presenters: Megan Gessler, Liza Lowe, Amanda McMickle, Clare Loughran, Sheila Williams Ridge, Lisa Burris, Johanna Booth-Miner

Playing in Nature While the World Is on Fire: Fostering and Supporting Resiliency

Presenters: Patty Born Selly, Jill Canelli

Nibble, Infuse, and Poultice: An Herb Walk and Kitchen Session with Our Green Friends

Presenter: Angie Barger