Presenter FAQ

Thank you so much for being a part of NatStart2021 by sharing your expertise as a presenter! We are really looking forward to learning what you have to share. 

Below you will find presenter toolkits for both live and on-demand sessions as well as answers to frequently asked questions. 

Before you dive in, we encourage anyone interested in sharpening their presenter skills to watch a webinar that NAAEE hosted in partnership with The Goodman Center, all about presenting online. Watch the webinar recording here. 


Presenter Toolkits

Presenter toolkits provide additional guidance on preparing, practicing, recording (if on-demand), and presenting (if live) your session. 

Download the Presenter Toolkit for Live Sessions

Download the Presenter Toolkit for On-Demand Sessions

Presenter Registration

Where do I register for the conference as a presenter?

Presenter Agreement & Registration

One presenter per session is granted a complimentary registration. Directions for redeeming your complimentary registration were sent to the primary presenter via email. Additional presenters can register by selecting either regular registration ($125) or the pay-what-you-can option. Read more about registration options here

What does my presenter registration include?

Regular registration includes access to all plenaries, sessions, and networking events from July 27-30, 2021, and on-demand access to all of the conference sessions for one year after the conference.

Do presenters have to register for the conference? 

Yes, all presenters are required to register for the conference and sign the Presenter Agreement. 

Preparing & Recording Sessions

What software should I use to create my slides?

Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Keynote all work well with Zoom. We don’t recommend saving presenter notes in your slideshow. It’s easier to save your notes in a separate document (especially if you have a second monitor or tablet) or to print your notes out. 

How do I make sure my slides are accessible?

This is a great resource for understanding how to check slides for accessibility features. 

How do I share session resources, handouts, and slides with conference attendees?

Each session, live and on-demand, will have a session page where presenters can share any supplementary session materials. Attendees will be able to download these materials when they are logged into the conference platform. 

Slides should be shared as compressed PDF files. Presenters are encouraged to add a watermark to slides for security purposes. 

Where do I submit session resources?

Presenters should submit all session materials here by July 12, 2021. 

We can accept these file types: doc, jpg, png, pdf, and ppt. Each file should not exceed 10 MB. 

On-Demand Sessions

How do I record my presentation?

You can record your session on your own Zoom account or another platform that you are comfortable using, or you can use the Natural Start Zoom account to record your session. If you would like to record your session on the Natural Start Zoom account, contact [email protected]

Session recordings need to be submitted as MP4 files. 

How long should my on-demand session be?

Recorded sessions should be 30-60 minutes, and should not exceed 60 minutes.

Where do I submit the recording of my presentation?

Submit your session recording here by June 30, 2021. Sessions submitted after the deadline may not be included in the conference. 

Guidance for how to label your session recording is provided in the Presenter Toolkit for On-Demand Sessions

Will NAAEE/Natural Start edit my presentation for errors/trim the beginning and end of the presentation after I submit it? 

No--please submit a final, edited version of your presentation. If we notice obvious errors when we process the recording, you may be asked to resubmit a corrected version. 

Live Sessions

What platform is Natural Start using for the Nature-Based Early Learning Conference?

All sessions will take place on Zoom. Links to live sessions will be listed on the session page for each session. Presenters and attendees need to be logged in to the conference platform ( in order to access session pages. 

Will NAAEE/Natural Start provide a moderator during live sessions? 

Yes! All live sessions will have “in-room” support from Natural Start/NAAEE Staff or trained volunteers. Room monitors will help with participant management (e.g. audio issues), monitoring the chat, and presenter support.

What Zoom features will be available during live sessions? 

All live concurrent sessions will be held in the Zoom meeting format. The meeting format is best for interactive sessions because it allows for attendees to mute and unmute, chat with other attendees in the chatbox, participate in breakout sessions, use the whiteboard, answer polling questions, and use reactions (e.g. clapping or thumbs up). 

Read more about the capabilities of Zoom meetings here. 

Will we know how many attendees will be in our session in advance?

Attendees do not sign up for sessions in advance, which means that you won’t know how many participants to expect in your session, so prepare to be flexible! 

Can we limit the number of attendees in our session? 

No--each session is open to all conference attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis. At our 2020 Conference, attendance between 20-70 participants in each live session was typical. The maximum capacity for each live session is 300 attendees.


Have questions that aren’t addressed here? Contact [email protected]